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Reusable AAR SGS Approved PP Woven Dunnage Air Bag

Reusable AAR SGS Approved PP Woven Dunnage Air Bag

Reusable AAR SGS Approved PP Woven Dunnage Air Bag

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Reusable AAR SGS approved PP woven dunnage air bag uses the gas rise principle to form a buffer layer between the cargo or stacking code, fill the gap between the cargo, and absorb vibration to protect the cargo from damage during transportation. Compared with traditional fillers (foam, plastic products, etc.), it has the advantages of environmental protection, simplicity, low waste disposal cost and low cost of use. Easy to use, clean, environmentally friendly, and economical, the quick air valve is easily inflated, it can be inflated anytime, anywhere, helping you save a lot of shipping space.


  • Good elasticity, strong recovery, protect your product from deformation due to pressure;

  • Polypropylene is high in density per square meter and has high rigidity;

  • Clean and will not bring dust, making your product cleaner and more beautiful;

  • Quickly inflating, easy to operate, improve packing speed, save labor and save labor costs;

  • It can be tailored to the specifications of the goods and the resulting gaps to make the protection more complete.


Outer Bag Material

PP Woven

Inner Bag Material

PA (Polyamide, Nylon); Enhance high barrier performance;

Compression Force9.5 tons above
Inflation TechnologyFast Inflator and Big Valve
Brand NameZERPO


100% professional inspection before delivery




Specially used for fixing and stabilizing containers, enclosed rail vehicles, goods in trucks and ships, etc.

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