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AAR Paper Dunnage Air Bag

Paper Dunnage Air Bag is used to protect in-transit cargoes via filling gap between cargoes to prevent sliding, tilting or impacting. It is the most effective padding & securing products for all shipments.

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Made from the finest materials, paper dunnage air bag is used to protect in-transit cargoes via filling gap between cargoes to prevent sliding, tilting or impacting. It is the most effective padding and securing products for all shipments. With excellent load stability, it can withstand a lot of pressure and load transfer resistance. It is coated with polyethylene to protect it from moisture and is constructed with a revolutionary polyethylene film to ensure leakage. Easy-to-connect, fast filling valve that automatically closes, greatly reducing filling time, ensuring your cargo is safe while ensuring your safety. It is widely used in the transportation of goods on roads, railways and the sea.


  • Very economical: it saves a lot of money compared to other litter.

  • Effective protection: Damage can be eliminated by effectively holding the load in place.

  • Simple operation: to install in a few minutes, only a little physical labor.

  • Easy to deflate and inflate: By piercing the bag with sharp objects, the bag can be deflated immediately, saving valuable time and space.

  • Quality Assurance: Maintain quality through post-production test systems to ensure reliability

  • Available in a variety of sizes: You can choose the right inflatable bladder for your specific needs.


Outer Layer

Paper with very strong & high pressure-bearing capacity

Inner Layer

Multi layers co-extruded PA or LDPE film with good air-tightness and excellent extensibility


One-way valve with air tightness and rapid inflating & deflating

Brand NameZERPO
Compression ForceMore than 9.5 tons


100% professional inspection before delivery

MarketMore than 20 countries/regions




Could be applied for most of fields/cargoes including: electronics products, mechanical products, metalworks, furniture, building materials, glass ceramic, paper, chemicals products, refrigeration and other cargoes need to be secured in shipment of bulk ship.


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