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Dunnage Air Bag for Container

Dunnage Air Bag For Container is used in the container shipment. It could fill gap and secure cargoes effectively, protect cargoes from vibration, impacting, sliding, tilting and falling down in the shipment.

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Dunnage air bag for container is an innovative and simple transport protection tool that uses PPL as a tough outer bag and a highly airtight inner bag that is assembled with a gas valve. It is used for container transportation. No need for external equipment, it is convenient and simple to inflate. It can be deflated at any time, inflated, and can be used repeatedly. It can effectively fill the gap and protect the cargo, protect the cargo from vibration, impact, sliding, tilting and falling. It is easy to operate, and its use can improve the packing speed, save labor, save labor costs, and enhance the price competitiveness of your products.


Outer Layer

PPL with good ability on resistance of high compression force.

Inner Layer

9 layers co-extruded PA films with excellent air-tightness and extensibility


one-way valve ensure air tightness without air-leaking

Brand NameZERPO


100% professional inspection before delivery




  • Effectively protect the goods to protect the goods in transit and avoid damage, while avoiding wasting time on compensation claims;

  • Handling and handling is very easy and simple, which can reduce the amount of operating time for loading and unloading goods, thereby significantly reducing logistics costs;

  • It has good air tightness and is very strong, which can improve customer satisfaction and enhance the impression of the company and products;

  • Up to 12 inspections and tests ensure a very high and stable quality; any desired size can be supplied.

Applied Fields:

Could be applied for most of fields/cargoes including: electronics products, mechanical products, metalworks, furniture, building materials, glass ceramic, paper, chemicals products, beverage and other cargoes need to be secured during container shipment, most types of logistics, etc.

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