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Dunnage Air Bag for Railway

Dunnage Air Bag For Railway can protect cargoes in the railway shipment. It could protect cargoes from sliding, tilting or falling down after filling the gap between cargoes, is the most effective securing products in the railway shipment.

Product Details


As the most effective way to protect products in the railway shipment, dunnage air bag for railway is fast inflated or deflated, tightly sealed, and can effectively prevent cargo collisions in trucks, containers or rail transport. It is also a new environmentally friendly alternative to raw wood or styrofoam in cargo transportation. Not only is it cost-effective, but its compression and shock absorption properties are far superior to other fillers. It is simple to use, greatly saves packing time, effectively reduces transportation costs, and improves the company's image. With the rapid development of the domestic and international logistics industry and the increasing attention paid to the transportation and packaging of goods, it has become an indispensable  packaging material of the transportation process.


Outer Layer

High strength, firm, high pressure-bearing capacity and suit for wide range of cargoes

Inner Layer

Multi layers co-extruded PA or LDPE film with good air-tightness and excellent extensibility


One-way valve ensure air tightness without air-leaking

Brand NameZERPO
Compression ForceMore than 9.5 tons


100% professional inspection before delivery

MarketMore than 20 countries/regions.




  • Its use can increase customer satisfaction and enhance the impression of the company and products;

  • Under proper use, this product can be reused, environmental protection and save your cost;

  • The product is clean and will not bring dust, making your product cleaner and more beautiful.

  • Perform up to 12 inspections and tests throughout the production process to ensure high quality;

  • It can be tailored to your specifications to make your protection more complete.


Suitable for most of fields/cargoes including: electronics products, mechanical products, furniture, building materials, glass ceramic, chemicals products, beverage and other cargoes need to be secured during railway shipment, most types of logistics, etc.


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