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SGS PP Woven Industrial Dunnage Bags

PP Woven Industrial Dunnage Bags is used to protect in-transit cargoes via filling gap between cargoes and secure cargoes effectively from vibration, impacting, sliding, tilting and falling down.

Product Details


PP woven industrial dunnage bags is a new packaging system that uses air cushioning, it can protect the packaged product, not just filling and supporting. It provides long-term storage and non-leakage seismic protection, minimizing damage. During the transportation, due to the large gap in the inner box of the package, the items are often displaced, damaged and squeezed by external force,  its close-fitting design can use the air cushion to disperse the pressure to avoid damage. Compared with any other support filler, it is more effective and environmentally friendly, helping to quickly pass the customs and save the company's transportation and storage costs.



Outer Layer

PP woven material with strong and good ability on resistance of high compression force 

Inner Layer

Multi layers co-extruded PA film with excellent air-tightness and good extensibility


One-way valve ensures air tightness & rapid inflating

Brand NameZERPO
Compression ForceMore than 9.5 tons


100% professional inspection before delivery

MarketMore than 20 countries/regions




  • Low cost, sturdy and durable, high air tightness, and long-term storage and non-leakage seismic protection.

  • Recyclable, free of any heavy metals, non-toxic, non-breathable, moisture-proof and environmentally friendly

  • Simple packaging, improved protection, saving manpower, saving freight and reducing storage space.

  • Advanced packaging materials, consumers do not have to worry about a lot of garbage after getting the goods, but also show consumers a good corporate image.

Applied Fields/Cargoes:

Could be applied for most of fields/cargoes including: electronics products, mechanical products, metalworks, furniture, building materials, glass ceramic, paper, chemicals products, beverage, refrigeration, other cargoes need to be secured during container shipment, most types of logistics, etc.


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