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Air Gun for Dunnage Bag

Airgun For Dunnage Bag is used to inflate dunnage bags quickly.It’s applied for fast-fill valve on dunnage bag.

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As one of the fastest inflating tools for dunnage bags, air gun for dunnage bag offers unrivalled inflation speeds and innovative safety features for inflatable bags, significantly reducing inflation time and labor costs. Designed with the end user in mind, it offers a unique feature that prevents over-inflation. Once the optimum pressure is reached, each inflator stops the airflow to the airbag, eliminating the risk of airbag bursting due to overfilling. In addition, its unique built-in auto-close design allows air to flow back from the back end of the tool, alerting the installer that the bag is fully filled and prevents accidental overfilling of the bag.



  • Equipped with a risk device that produces a rapid air flow from the outside to help quickly inflate.

  • In the shape of a pistol, the handle is coated with rubber, comfortable and non-slip, and the size is suitable for the operator.

  • A pointed locking device tightly locks the quick fill valve during inflation.

  • A fast air flow can be generated to help inflate the inflatable bag within 18 seconds.

  • A side pressure regulator helps relieve pressure to avoid over-inflation.


Applied for fast-fill valve on dunnage bag, could inflate dunnage bag very fast.


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