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Inflator for Dunnage Bag

Inflator For Dunnage Bag is used to inflate dunnage bags. It’s applied for small valve on dunnage bag.

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Inflator For Dunnage Bag is used to inflate dunnage bags. It's applied for small valve on dunnage bag. The air release valve ensures the fastest inflation time, and the air release valve will allow you to adjust the air pressure in the bag and deflate the used bag. Very easy to use, simply connect the inflator to the air compressor, position the nozzle into the patented pad pocket, and press the trigger. To adjust and release the air pressure, simply turn the nozzle. Lightweight and ergonomically designed, it features a safe shut-off function to prevent accidental overfilling of the bag.



  • Handgun shape, small and flexible, making it easy to fill the small valve with air.

  • The air can be quickly filled into a small valve under any compressed air condition, even if the air pressure is very small.

  • Made of metal, cheap but durable.

  • High efficiency and reusable, greatly reducing the cost per use.


Applied for small valve on dunnage bag, could inflate air quickly.


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