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Electric Pump 2400w

Electric Pump is used to inflate dunnage airbags in high speed. It’s suitable for fast-fill valve on dunnage bag.

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2400w electric pump is used to inflate dunnage airbags in high speed. It's suitable for fast-fill valve on dunnage bag. It draws in air to quickly fill the airbag while saving air usage from the air compressor. Once the pressure in the bag reaches a certain point, it begins to draw in air from the air compressor to complete the inflation of the air bag. Its unique built-in auto-close design allows air to flow back from the back end of the tool, alerting the installer that the bag is fully filled. It also has a secure shutdown feature that prevents accidental overfilling of the bag.



  • Inflating the air to the inflatable airbag is very fast and does not require an air compressor.

  • It is very convenient to use and can be easily moved and inflated quickly.

  • Electric power is required, but heavy duty air compressors and long ducts are not required.

  • It can produce high speed wind and high pressure, it can expand a cushion airbag of less than 8 seconds.

  • Different voltages and plugs are available to meet different country requirements.

  • Not suitable for high speed quick fill valves.


Applied for fast-fill valve on dunnage bag, could inflate dunnage bag with high speed.


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