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Air bag packaging will be the best choice for transport packaging in the future.

Tianjin Zerpo Supply Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 18, 2018

Air bag packaging will be the best choice for future transportation packaging. From ancient times to the present, the liquor packaging is made of ceramics, glass, mud and pot, because these materials have good effect on the permeability of wine, at the same time, good sealing and corrosion resistance, so that liquor can be stored for a long time. However, such materials are difficult to overcome when they are transported and transported. They are easy to damage and are not resistant to impact. Especially in today's developed commodity economy, liquor sales have spread all over the world, and liquor can be sold all over the world by transportation. Transportation, air and land transportation are essential. The only drawback of these vehicles is that they are prone to bumping and bumping on the road. Therefore, as liquor is not resistant to impact and the interaction of its vehicles, it is easy to increase the cost of liquor transportation, increase the damage and reduce the profit, and also cause the price increase.

Later, in order to protect the liquor from damage in transportation, many businesses used cushioning materials, pearl cotton, foam, wooden boxes and other packaging materials. At the beginning, the use of pearl cotton and foam has a good effect on the safety of liquor transportation. However, the pearl cotton and the foam have a shortcoming, and the pollution is very large. With the economic growth, the state has increased the strength of the environmental protection. Many countries have banned the use of these materials. Although China has not banned the use of these materials, it can also begin to do so The monitoring of white pollution has intensified. Wooden box packaging, although the effect is very good, and the packaging material is also very delicate, but the cost is too high, only suitable for the application of high-end liquor products, low and medium liquor, but the cost is increased! Commodity packaging is an indispensable part of modern economy and an important bridge to promote consumer consumption. It has always been a bright future for the packaging market, and many enterprises have been devoted to the research of new packaging materials. The inflatable bag packaging is a new type of packaging material which came into being. It is a new record which is studied by the manufacturers of packaging materials. The biggest advantage is the great protection and low cost of the environment. The inflatable bag is filled with natural air, and the air is used to resist the impact of the product in transportation. Impact and impact, good elasticity, and strong restorative packaging materials. The raw material for producing inflatable bags is a co extruded membrane made up of seven food grade materials, which can be recycled 100% times, and can be recycled. Therefore, there will be no pollution to the environment.

The emergence of inflatable bags and gas - column bags has made many manufacturers see hope, not only in the wine industry, but also widely used in other products. Red wine inflatable bags, toner cartridge inflatable bags and container inflatable bags are popular on the market. It is welcomed in the fields of electronic products transportation, liquor transportation, container logistics and transportation.

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