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Breakable goods must be used as cushioning air bags

Tianjin Zerpo Supply Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 18, 2018

In the commodity packaging, the packaging of fragile goods is the most important part of the production company, and the market has begun to research and develop packaging for fragile products. The buffer air bag is one of them. Fragile products, such as glass products, ceramic products, crafts and bottled food and beverages, and precision electronics, electrical appliances, communications products, and so on, need to reduce the damage to the product as far as possible, and the role of transport packaging or buffer packaging is crucial. The cushioning bag is made of cushioning material, and the natural air filling new packing system is used. Full covered air column buffer protection.

Cushion the material of the air bag. The use of high quality PE+PA film, strong and durable, and good air tightness, with tensile and balance characteristics, surface printing is good, the medical grade material, through continuous compression, the formation of air filled gas column, the machine is made of protective film into a gas column protection bag called Air-Bag. How do you synthesize the buffer air bag? Do you know, the synthesis of the buffer air bag is briefly introduced.

Under the circumstances, raw materials (plastic film) or finished products (air cushion) are completely clean and will not cause any pollution. AIR-BAG gas packaging bag is a new packaging system using air cushioning bag. It covers the product and protects the products. It is not only filling and supporting. Provide long time storage and transportation of air tight seismic protection, gas cylinder comprehensive coating cushion protection, the damage rate to a minimum. Compared with the traditional filler, it will not be caused by the large gap in the packing box, and the goods are often displaced during the transportation. Even if the external force is squeezed, the body design of AIR-BAG can also use the air cushion to disperse the pressure to avoid the damage.

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