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Do you all know the effect of the PP packing belt

Tianjin Zerpo Supply Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 18, 2018

The packing belt is also called a strapping band. The packing belt (bundled belt) is made of polyethylene, the polypropylene resin is the main raw material, and the nylon and polyester are also used as raw material. Besides packing for corrugated boxes, they can also tie up materials, fruits and so on.

It has strong tensile strength, tensile strength of steel strip, and ductility resistance to impact. It can also ensure the safety of product transportation. The elongation is small, the elongation is only 1/6 of polypropylene belt, and it can maintain tension for a long time. The heat resistance is strong, the melting point is 260 degrees, and the deformation is less than 120 degrees. Good safety, no steel belt rusty pollution of the bundled object, color bright. The economic benefit is good. The length of the 1 ton PET baling belt is equivalent to 6 tons of steel strip, the unit price per meter is lower than the steel strip by more than 40%, which can reduce the cost for users.

Apart from being affected by the performance of the packing belt itself, the lap tension of the PP packing belt will also be affected by the packing appliance and packing operation process. Then, the longer the buckles, the harder the buckles are, the more the caliper teeth are, the more the caliper teeth, even if the same size is used, the lap pulling force will be significantly improved. Then, when the machine is packed, the lap area is large, the lap temperature is high, and the lap time of the lap is long, which is helpful to improve the lap pulling force of the packing belt.

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