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How to carry out shock proof package by air bag express transportation

Tianjin Zerpo Supply Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 18, 2018

Nowadays, there are tens of thousands of parcels that need express transportation every day. How to do well in cushioning packaging is a headache for many merchants. The choice of cushioning packaging material is very important, the quality of the bag is light, the packing efficiency is high, the protection is good, and it has the advantage of fresh appearance. The inflatable bag is a necessary product to protect the packaging. It can be used to fill the shock and shock absorber in the box. It is a good choice to ensure the safe transportation of the product with the bubble bag.

There are many specifications for inflatable bags for businesses to choose. Enterprises can choose the size and shape of inflatable bags according to their own needs. The use of inflatable bags can not only protect products from damage, but also facilitate packaging and improve the packaging efficiency of enterprises. At present, inflatable bag products have been widely applied in the market to meet the market protection and quality of packaging. Product damage is very common in a long period of logistics and transportation, and the most important factor is the collision and extrusion of goods from all directions in the course of transportation, which cause the damage of the packaging. There is a lot of transportation products in the prevalence of electricity providers. If there is no good packaging protection measures, it will easily lead to product breakage.  The inflatable bags are used to fill the gap between the goods, to support the weight of the goods and absorb vibration to protect the goods from damage in transit. Inflatable bag packing is a new type of environmental protection buffer material that uses air to act as a buffer. It can reduce the loss caused by uncertain factors in the course of transportation. It is light in texture and does not increase the weight of the package. It can control the transportation cost. The filling bag is flexible and not easy to blow up. It is an inflatable bubble bag made mainly of LDPE and HDPE. It fills the gap between the goods fully, supports the weight produced by the wobble, and plays an anti shock effect. It effectively prevents the products from wobble at random in the process of transportation, transportation and transfer to avoid the product in transportation. The course was damaged.

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