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How to use the dunnage air bag correctly

Tianjin Zerpo Supply Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 18, 2018

In today's logistics, the container inflatable bag has become a necessary thing, he has played a guarantee of the safety of the goods, but if the operation is not appropriate, not only can not play the role of protection, but also waste money, then how to correctly use the container filling bag?

First, the corresponding specifications of the inflatable bag into the gap between. Then the air compressor is used as the gas source. Insert the air gun directly into the mouth of the air. Pull the trigger and start to inflate. The air bag expands rapidly until the air bag tightly holds both sides of the cargo. Pull out the charging gun, the gas nozzle automatically seals the intake port and buckle the gas nozzle cover. The inflating process is finished.

Here, it is important to note that the inflatable bags can not be inflated on the floor, which may damage the air bag. The head of the inflatable gun should not be too long, otherwise it may damage the gas nozzle. Attention should be paid to spines during use, so as not to damage air bags.

Container inflatable bags are also required when choosing, not just buying them.

The traditional domestic popular valve for the upper oranges, but due to the design of the valve itself, in the process of inflating workers, there will be slow inflation, internal bag breakage, air leakage, and so on. The air valve is convenient and fast (about three times faster than the gas velocity of the valve). It is not easy to leak and reduce the factors such as man-made damage. Therefore, it becomes the favorite of the consumers.

There are three kinds of inner membrane material for consumer choice, which are seven layer coextrusion film, nine coextrusion film and eleven coextrusion film respectively. The main difference between the three is the difference of gas retention rate, and the probability of gas conservation is above 80%, 98% and 100% respectively.

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