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The function of the dunnage air bag is very large

Tianjin Zerpo Supply Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 18, 2018

The container inflatable bag may have been heard that the function of the container inflatable bag is very large. The container inflatable bag is often used to protect and buffer the goods during the transportation of some materials. For the use of the container inflatable bags, many sides should be paid attention to. So today we are with you. To discuss some knowledge about container inflatable bags, we hope to help you. Maybe some people think to buy container inflatable bags must find big brand manufacturers, because their reputation is relatively high, the quality of the products you buy are also good, the lack of beauty in the possible price is also a little higher. After all, a large container inflatable bag manufacturer pays attention to reputation and image, so it will not produce some inferior container inflatable bags, and will not affect the quality of products.

In order to protect the goods in the normal use of the goods, at the same time, it can make the container inflatable bag not damaged, so in the whole process of using the goods to check whether there is a sharp thing on the packing box, must not make the two sides of the container inflatable bag with some sharp things. It is necessary to protect the container inflatable bag. In most cases, the gas in this material is ordinary air, and of course, in some special cases, some other gases, such as carbon dioxide and nitrogen gas, are added to the material. In general, the material is made up of 95/100 air and 50% other plastic films. In the process of inflation, it can show its smoothness, and it does not occupy space. It can save a lot of storage space.

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