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The reason why inflatable bags replace traditional buffer packaging materials

Tianjin Zerpo Supply Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 18, 2018

This should be said from the disadvantages of traditional packaging. As we all know, foam and pearl cotton, which belong to bulk packing materials, occupy a lot of storage space and increase the storage cost of enterprises. The vast majority of the traditional packaging materials belong to the category of "white pollution" products. In the context of human being more and more attention to environmental pollution, it is not in conformity with human low carbon environmental protection. Requirements; traditional packaging materials in high temperature, low temperature or humidity and other external environmental conditions more or less problems, therefore, in some non - human conditions, performance is not excellent!

On the contrary, inflatable bags do not have such disadvantages. At the same time, the performance is not affected by these non human factors. At the same time, because the appearance of the inflatable bag is beautiful, it will enhance the image of the enterprise. Inflatable bags are not inflated in storage, only a few sheets of paper thickness, occupy little storage space, and store costs on the street! Transportation will reduce the damage rate to the lowest and reduce unnecessary losses. Inflatable bags have many advantages, but there are also some weaknesses which are easily punctured by sharp or angular objects. However, the damage of inflatable bags will not affect the normal use of other inflatable bags, so it will not cause much impact. At the same time, because goods are generally packed and transported, under ordinary circumstances, inflatable bags will not touch sharp objects and avoid inflatable bags damaged.

Because of the many advantages of the inflatable bag and the disadvantages of the traditional packaging materials, more and more manufacturers and enterprises of inflatable bags choose to use inflatable bags as cushioning packaging materials to package products.

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