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Why Inflatable Packaging Becomes Cushion Packaging for Express Delivery

Tianjin Zerpo Supply Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 18, 2018

The cost is lower, and the market competition is very fierce. If any product has no advantages, it is difficult to win the support of customers. Therefore, the manufacturers are trying to improve the quality of products and production efficiency, so that the cost can be reduced and more income can be obtained. When the container inflatable bag is inflated, it can protect the product with no pollution, less space and low cost. At the same time, it can also provide a long time anti seismic buffer. In this way, the merchant does not have to worry about the damage of the product in the long haul transportation.

Non-toxic and recyclable, the research and development of inflatable packaging is from the coextrusion film and gas chamber function, the materials used are non-toxic and can be recycled, which greatly reduces the cost. Moreover, compared with traditional packaging materials, container inflatable bags are environmentally friendly, highly efficient and can provide good protection effect.

Full automatic production, the production of container inflatable bag is fully automatic production, professional machinery, automatic control, computer aided, easy to operate, and not easy to appear inferior products. In addition, convenient production reduces operation procedures such as die opening, mold testing and die changing. It saves cost and reduces development time, thereby improving production efficiency. At the same time, the non inflatable container inflatable bags can be kept flat, with small volume and less space, which greatly saves transportation costs.

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