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Attention To The Use Of Filled Air Bags
Tianjin Zerpo Supply Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 18, 2018

• When filling air bags, avoid inflating excess to prevent excessive damage to cargo.

• air bags should not be used in excess of their maximum applicable width.

If it is necessary to use 2 or more air bags in a gap, the contact area of the filling air bag should be increased as much as possible.

• the effective working area of the air bag should be avoided over the height of the goods or pallets.

• The bottom of the air bag should be kept at a distance of 5 cm or more from the ground.

• When goods have sharp corners or burrs, or when they are packed into wooden cases or wooden pallets, they should be protected by corrugated cardboard or other flat sheets.

• Avoid packing air bags between cargo and box doors to prevent damage to operators of opening doors.

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