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What Types Of Dunnage Air Bag
Tianjin Zerpo Supply Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 18, 2018

With the rapid development of the logistics industry at home and abroad in recent years, especially the rise of online shopping, people pay more attention to the packaging of cargo container inflatable bags. More and more cargo owners and logistics providers have put forward more stringent requirements on packaging materials, and the scale of the market is expanding continuously.

The container inflatable bag is also called the inflatable bag. The selection of the inflatable bag is mainly the size size, the height of the goods by the following factors, the width of the gap between the filled goods, the length of the goods as a whole, the traditional domestic air valve for orange, but the design of the valve itself The problem is that during the process of gas inflation, the inflation rate is slow, the inner bag is damaged, and the air leakage after inflation occurs. But at present, because of its convenient and quick gas valve, it is not easy to leak, and reduces the factors such as man-made damage. Therefore, it has become the most favorite of the consumers, and is gradually becoming the mainstream of the market, which has replaced most of the small valve products in the market.

The selection of the material is not only the key to the air bag leakage or not, but also the test of the commercial morality of the container inflatable bag manufacturer. At present, there are three kinds of intimal materials in the mainstream of the market for consumer choice, which are seven layers coextrusion film, nine coextrusion film and eleven coextrusion film. The main difference between the three is the difference of the gas conservation rate. The probability of gas is above 80%, above 98%, 100%. At present, the domestic mainstream for paper plastic composite outer bag, which is usually called kraft paper bag, consists of three kinds of materials, mainly paper, viscose and PP. Because of its high price, no environmental protection, not easy to recover and so on, it has been abandoned by mainstream manufacturers in Europe and America, and the trend of elimination by PP bag is also in the country.

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