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Woven PP Dunnage Air Bags

PP Woven Dunnage Airbags is used to protect in-transit cargoes via filling gap between cargoes and secure cargoes effectively from vibration, impacting, sliding, tilting and falling down.

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Woven PP dunnage air bags are a new type of cushioning protection material that perfectly protects the cargo. It is well known that if the road environment is poor, the road conditions are complicated, and the vehicle damping is poor, etc., the goods will be damaged. However, in the process of transportation and sorting, dunnage air bags can effectively resist the impact of vibration, collision and throwing. In the face of more and more competitors, enterprises not only improve the quality of service, but more importantly, how to protect the products of consumers, focusing on the interests of consumers, so that they can stand out in the industry. For this reason, this kind of dunnage air bag is definitely the preferred cushion protection package.



Outer Layer

PP woven material with strong ability on resistance of high compression force 

Inner Layer

Multi layers co-extruded PA film with excellent air-tightness and good extensibility


One-way valve ensures air tightness & rapid inflating

Brand NameZERPO
Compression ForceMore than 9.5 tons


100% professional inspection before delivery

MarketMore than 20 countries/regions




  • Automatic sealing, providing buffer protection, good cushioning shock absorption and recovery;

  • Does not absorb water, does not conduct moisture and makes the product damp, and is relatively well preserved;

  • Small size, light weight, reduced cost of transporting packaging materials, and less space occupied by warehouses, effectively reducing various costs;

  • The packaging process is quick and easy, saving manpower in the packaging process;

  • After the inflation is completed, it can provide seismic protection for long periods of time without leakage;

  • Can be customized according to your specific needs.


Widely used in various packaging fields, such as electronic products, ceramics, precision instruments, furniture, lighting products, auto parts, toner cartridges, red wine, milk powder, express logistics and other industries.


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